söndag 1 januari 2017

Forgot I started as project with greatcoat germans. Inspired by several people at Facebook bolt action group I thought I'd give it a shot myself. These are chucked away for now as I am really missing the mojo of painting ww2 stuff. Don't know if I'm a little stuffed of ww2 stuff right now and the said cultists are a nice break. Maybe that's why my winter germans has take a loooong time to finish despite the tiny work left.

Some random Lotr stuff I've done. Elladan and Elrohir, Radagast and two dwarves I can't remember the name of (Durin or Balin maybe?) And I made some dwarven terrain. I bought some mdf terrain bases of Ebay and they were great. Always had problems making good non warping bases and these were perfect. Also made some ww2 or 40k terrain too. Got the 40k bug and painting 40 cultists at the moment. Really cool minis.

I was a good boy this month and finished some HYW troopers that was unbased. Haven't got any inspiration for this period right now but thought I atleast finished these and my Jean d'arc mini. Turned out rather nice with the banner. Also finished some terrain projects I had for some time. They turned out lovely I think. Really fitting to my HYW project and some WW2 terrain.

Some recent work the last month. A german AFV and two set of winter germans from Warlord games. The winter germans are painted as to fit with my Berlin force.