lördag 31 januari 2015

Got my new model trees the other day. They are great so I had to do a little old school warhammer set up.

måndag 26 januari 2015

 "Ready to serve my lord" Two cottages ready got two left. They turned out rather good for such a speedy production. Now my Peasants are pleased.

My archer stakes place on cavalry bases. Painted them in a mix of trees so they wont look boring. Also added a visor, shield and sword on one along with broken stakes. At least one frenchie might reach the stakes. 

söndag 18 januari 2015

The trees turned out alright. Quite nice for not so much work. My two houses are also coming along nicely. Drybrushed the bases this evening so only grass and other stuff left. 

tisdag 13 januari 2015

Some houses and a few trees I've built and painted up. The trees will be used as fillers for some other trees I've ordered. They'll be in the background that's why I didn't cover up the wire. Hope it wont be seen.

fredag 9 januari 2015

Built a desk in my new hobbyroom. Now I don't have to keep the gw castle on the floor and got some space for my Hyw collection and terrain.

Some more assembled troops. I'm more and more fond of these. Although the poses are rather stiff to make good hand weapon armed archers they do look when grouped together, like they're about to recieve a charge. I didn't add the stakes to the bases but rather but them on seperate bases. Make them more flexible in use. Made some as broken too look like someone crashed thtough the stakes and added some axes hacked into the stakes as left there in a hurry or easy to access weapon. Also made some knight shields for my archers, I mean why not? ;) Faced with armoured french knights I would guess they will go to far extent too have some chance of survival through a good solid shield. Perhaps given to them by and english knight. The plasticard was first cut out, filed and the bent in different ways to fit in the medieval period.

onsdag 7 januari 2015

Small blurry update. Another batch of brave men soon ready for basing.

lördag 3 januari 2015

A few of the finished Perrys English army. The bases are left though. Didn't have any at home. These turned out great.