fredag 29 maj 2015

Bought some cute trees too and Jean d'arcs banner. I will attach it when I get the years or so :P

Some new Berlin terrain I'm working on. 

Latest work. Marder II with crew and the crew for Blitzkriegs 88. The marder turned  out rather nice. Thinking of adding an MG34 on it for close quarter defense. I have also begun repainting the bases on the english army set. The basejob was really bad and didn't fit at all with the rest of the collection. So I manage to get a hold of the same paint on the net so now they are more look alike. Why don't I write down the colours I use??  Never learn..

söndag 10 maj 2015

fredag 8 maj 2015

What I've been up to lately. Finishing of some Longbowmen and some terrain for my WW2 Berlin collection. Also started to work on my remaining DAK troopers.