tisdag 30 juni 2015

As I mentioned I started on my 88 a while ago as it was good time and I decided to "paint my shit" as a guy put it on Facebook. I checked my account at Perrys and realised I bought the 88 in july last year so it's been sitting on my shelf for almost a year. Time due go fast. But I'm finishing it and I'm a good way on finishing my Pak 38 too. Just undercoated it today. Also begun repainting all my italians too as I found the sand colour cartoonish and not fitting my more realistic germans. I haven't regret a second on repainting them as they came out great.


Finally finished the entire two sets from Perrys. Took me a good while as I worked on and off on them as I got fed up with armour and archers. These turned out great and in the aftermath I think it was a fun project. Though I regret not buying three sets so I would get a Henry on foot. Ah well, might buy three new in the future.

måndag 15 juni 2015

Working on my last English army figures. After finishing these I have painted both sets I bought in December. Though I regret not buying three which had given me a Henry V figure on foot. These last ones contain some conversions. I switched hands and arms to give me some heavier infantrymen and some banner carriers. I think they turned out quite good. I'm also painting some of my last DAK. 88 with crew. Got a a PaK 38 with crew still to go.After this I've finished almost all my DAK purchases. Feels like I'm actually finishing stuff right now. Cheers!