tisdag 24 juli 2018

Finished of another batch of chaos cultists. Lost count on how many I got by now but so far it is a fun project´to be working on. Got 10-15 left to do then I wont paint any more chaos footsloggers...at least until I find new cool troopers to add. Tempted to get some jumppacks and put on a few cultists to give them some proper means of getting into combar. I have also done a squad of Cadians in classic colours of red. These turned out way better than I hoped for especially the red lasguns. The comissar was a little tough painting as I wanted some bright colours that didn't was a mismatch. I took napoleonic hussars as inspiration with blue and red. Went alright I think although he looks more like a planetary governor.

torsdag 5 juli 2018

Work never ends. My work on my cultists and Catachans continue. Got a leutenant and 3 mortars on my workbench and a few cultists. Did finish my first Goliaths painted as cultists. They look cool and could surely be used as sergeants or bodyguards.