söndag 27 juli 2014

Got my new pile of lead from Perrys containing HYW miniatures. Among these were their new Peasants. I decided to give them some more menacing weapons like added spikes to the clubs, two handed axe and two scythes. These will keep the kings tax collectors at bay. So now I sit on more lead take will take me like hundred years to finish. Also thinking of ordering a Warhammer castle to add to my collection :)

onsdag 16 juli 2014

Long time no writing. Been busy with moving too a new place and my 3 months old daughter has stolen time :) Anyhow. Got some painting done. Continued my work on my Last levy and they're all finished. Also got energy today to begin my long awaited project "Berlin terrain" consisting of a DUST tactic building I put togheter into three ruins. They turned out really nice altough I rushed them too much :P My last SS Charlemange troopers are on the table too. Got 5 left too finish. They are turning out great too, though I'm unsure about their Pea dot uniforms.