söndag 15 februari 2015

What I've been up to lately. Sorry for lack of posts :)
 Medieval army on parade.
 My special looking mediveal building. Thought I was going to do something a little crazy and fun. Ended up with a building on four underdimesioned poles. Glad I'm not an engineer so I can get away with these sort of things.

 Just another day in the mediveal age...

My medieval collection is growing steadily. My two forests are ready but I got some leftovers so I might do one or two more in the future. Also based the painted my English army set, discovered I forgot some details so I've got 10 of them on my painting table again. This week I'm starting to work on my DAK Panzer III too. Got it assembled and washed with soap. Next step is basecoating. Looking forward to it as Panzer III is one of my favorite tanks.