lördag 26 april 2014

Two new additions to my axis force. Kubelwagen and Sdkfz 250/1 both from Perry Miniatures. Got a italian HMG and a Pak 30 and a DAK squad comin' up :)


lördag 12 april 2014

Also get some new minis for the Desert war :) That 88 looks gorgeous!

Indeed great and green news a from the Perrys at Salute 2014. Man I wish I could have been there :P Plastic hundred years war infantry must be great news for many painters and wargamers out there. I'm jumping up and down here :P

fredag 11 april 2014

                                                    The man himself. Erwin Rommel.

Almost done. Just some decals left and a matt coat. Fun little model although it was a little tricky to fit the models into the vehicle. It was real tight. I got my new PAK 38, another 250/3, HMG 34 and a new batch of DAK infantry. Won't forget an italian Breda MG too :)

Panzerarmeé Afrika. Ready for the conquest of Egypt. Repainted some details on my infantry. Man, I was really sloppy when I did them.... 

New set from Wargames Factory. They do look rather good. Hope they are as detailed as the Survivor sets. Although I do find the Perrys AWI british infantry look amazing I think I might get these instead, 'cause of the mix of poses there seem to be in the set. They are apperently gonna make 6 sets for this period so I'm guessing on Cavalry, artillery and aso on and hopefully a great multipart militia/colonist set! :D

Radio for the radiooperator. Have no idea how a german radio looks like so I went for a green cover and Ivory front.

The 250/3 Halftrack so far. Will add some more details to it and then attach all the passengers :) Can't wait!!! MIght be a late night^^

torsdag 10 april 2014

Got down to buisiness with Rommels halftrack yesterday. Pretty nice to paint although one of the faces and their shoes were a bit meh. Had a try at painting the glasses in with a lens technique. That was very funny and I will do it to my plastics too. Became a cool little detail and brought some life to them :)