torsdag 17 november 2016

Some bits and pieces. Finishing off my stripped and repainted dwarves. They turned out great I think. Just grass left. Also finished my Luftwaffe field divison set they. I'm really satisfied with them but the figures themselves were so-so. Some rather large heads and skinny legs here and there and no sepereate head system(!) Lastly I'm painting my prone soviets. The last of my soviets set I painted a few months ago. 

Been actually working on my HYW project. Finishing of the last rebased figures and started painting my scratchbuilt houses. They will be a nice addition to my medieval town. And I included some shots off my entiry HYW collection except for some horses and unpainted figs.


tisdag 1 november 2016

Got some minis for my birthday back in september. Luftwaffe field division from Warlord Games. Nice minis but with some rather goofy scales. Some got rather large heads and small legs and sadly these were not part of the seperate head system so there is a lack of customization if one wanna build a large force. But they were quite nice to work with and they are turning out great. Got the proning mg gunners base left. I also used Warlords bases with lips for the first time and I really liked them. On my painting table I also got a StuG and a 8 wheeled support vehicle ready for camo spray. So now I'm thinking about my next project. Chaos cultists or winter germans. We will see.


What I've been up too. Been starting and putting away several projects as I didn't know what to do next but I did manage to finish my repainted lotr dwarves. They turned out very nice especially the orange beards. Also got to start on Elladan and Elrohir. Old lotr minis with rather large swords and hands. I think they are some of the first lotr minis.