onsdag 24 juli 2013

Perry Confederates Infantry coming along quite nicely. Lovely miniatures :) These are plastics mixed with metal command.


They're coming along nicely :) Just have to sit tight and wait for the number decals.

torsdag 18 juli 2013

Panzer angriff! Some tanks that will accompany my Afrikakorps and italians :) Not finished though :P

onsdag 17 juli 2013

I got as I do sometimes, carried away with my brushes and ended up with a Panzer IV more worn out look than I had imagined from the start. Anyhow..not finished though. Waiting for decals and I will add some more details. Thinkin' of a Swaztika flag on the back or on the turret. Would be fun to put a real bright splash on it. Adding detail and colours :)

Well here it is. Complete with some lurking Mussolini henchmen keeping an watchful eye out for rats in the desert.
I got two more vehicles to finish in desert colours. Hope those Perry twins release their DAK plastics soon...been waiting over a year now and they released the hardly announced desert rats months before :(

fredag 5 juli 2013

Waffen SS

My newest Waffen SS painted in the late war famous smocks and pea dot patterns. Im really pleased with them. Haven't put in all too much work on stubble and dirty uniforms as I feel needed to keep it simple to cut down on the painting time as I have a load of miniatures to paint and more incoming soon. Got one Panzerjaeger I, one Panzer IV and one Panzer I that needs paint and more italians and tanks incoming. Gonna be a painting vacation this year.

Confederate Infantry

My confederate infantry is taking shape. These will be the first 28mms I put on regimental bases ie four-six figures on each base. These are metal and plastics from Perry Miniatures painted with similar colours only highlighted into different shades.