fredag 10 augusti 2018

Finished my mysterious Charless XII. No idea who made him. Some poor detail here and there but overall a nice figure

My chaos cultist have gotten some heavy reeinforcement lately...

Finished my italian infantry this evening giving me a quite large italian force. It lack tanks though. I'll get some in the near future.

tisdag 24 juli 2018

Finished of another batch of chaos cultists. Lost count on how many I got by now but so far it is a fun project´to be working on. Got 10-15 left to do then I wont paint any more chaos least until I find new cool troopers to add. Tempted to get some jumppacks and put on a few cultists to give them some proper means of getting into combar. I have also done a squad of Cadians in classic colours of red. These turned out way better than I hoped for especially the red lasguns. The comissar was a little tough painting as I wanted some bright colours that didn't was a mismatch. I took napoleonic hussars as inspiration with blue and red. Went alright I think although he looks more like a planetary governor.

torsdag 5 juli 2018

Work never ends. My work on my cultists and Catachans continue. Got a leutenant and 3 mortars on my workbench and a few cultists. Did finish my first Goliaths painted as cultists. They look cool and could surely be used as sergeants or bodyguards.

söndag 3 juni 2018

My new 40k table. Been workin gon it on and off for a few months but this weekend I bought spray paint and undercoated it brown then just a hell of a drybrushing race on every little detail. It was mostly done by saturday and some minor work on sunday afternoon. I had to set up a battle between the Valhallans and chaos cultistst. The valhallans sure look like they got their handsfull.

My new big refinery. Loosely based on the grain elevator at Stalingrad. The main building was given a coat of green spray and rust primer then drysbrushed with Vallejo orange brown. Easy, quick and looks perfectly worn for 40k. On the pictures there is only two of the silos. Will add roman letters on it too.