tisdag 4 december 2018

Almost done with my early war germans. I have flocked the bases but haven't got any shots of it. Need to find some fitting bases for the prone landsers too. Quite a nice set despite that it is a few years in the making. 

tisdag 16 oktober 2018

My cultist got some heavy stuff done last month too. Warglaive and 3 sentinels will join chaos in their conquest of the galaxy. Can't wait for the plastic sisters in 2019 to oppose them. Need to make some more terrain though. Bigger and more detailed. Have collected a few bits here and there. See what I can come up with :)

Also worked on some ww2 stuff in september. The early war germans aren't done yet but the trucks are finished. Turned out so-so as the windows was ruined by the matt coat finish. I should have known but hey, better luck next time I guess. Was to lazy to add decals so I hand painted them  quickly instead. Will add passengers later on. 

Made some more jungle terrain this month. Added a few bits o junks and bunker hatches to spice them up a bit. They look pretty nice. To much foliage hid some of the stuff though. The junk and bunker hatches was made from bases and 40k bits. 

Finished my Last chancers last month. Cool unit although I lack the Warrior woman.

onsdag 12 september 2018

Went all in on Desert projects this months. Manage to finish my long WIP 8th army. These were painted in a rather quick way by using mostly washes and some fully painted details such as scarfs and googles to break up the rough paintjob.

fredag 10 augusti 2018

Finished my mysterious Charless XII. No idea who made him. Some poor detail here and there but overall a nice figure