lördag 26 januari 2019

Not much of update this month but I've been tired this month. I curse the winter. But I have from time to time been working on some stuff. I did finish off the Mordian heavy weapon teams 2 heavy bolters and threee lascannons. One is not visible because I haven't done the crew yet. Just painted the gun while I was doing the other two. Added a picture of my complete finished guard army too.
It has grown alot during last year. 
I also finished my cultist casulties. They turned out rather nice. They mostly consist of GSC and chaos cultists along with green stuff and bits. They will do for photoshoots. I really like the cultist so I had a hard time ruining them but I'm sure I wont regret it. 

tisdag 1 januari 2019

Made some more progress on my Mordians. Just a final highlight on the guns and then the bases. The blue is Vallejo prussian blue mixed with white or black depending on the shade. The yellow was done with Vallejo german camo ochre as base(great for black undercoats) and Citadel flash gitz for layere and succesive highlights.
Finished off a few more cultists too. Just around 45 more cultists to do(phew). Then I won't buy anymore. Unless they are really really cheap or GW releases a Traitor Guard set.
Would be fun if GW did release a set since they surely make up the majority of the chaos forces when they attack or invade. You also noticed their popularity when Blackstone fortress was released. Can't wait for the new SoBs coming this year. I'm sure to buy a load of those and I guess everything else will be on hold then. Good to finish off stuff before they are released. Hopefully I can get some more inspiration for a few more 40k 2nd edition inspired terrain pieces done to. Been collecting a load of cans and pringle pipes and a few odd bits here and there for that purpose. Got a small beer ceg I wanna turn into terrain too but I need to buy alot of plasticard as I'm out.

fredag 21 december 2018

Continued to work on my Demolisher crewman. Love little figure. He will get a red bolter. Rather fitting I think. Below him is a shot on my current Guard collection and furthest below is a picture of coming projects. Lots of Blackstone minis and one or two odd guardsmen.

Really happy how my Mordians are turning out. Thught they were a little too blue at first but now I think they look great. When done these will be my coolest looking little dudes :)

tisdag 4 december 2018

Almost done with my early war germans. I have flocked the bases but haven't got any shots of it. Need to find some fitting bases for the prone landsers too. Quite a nice set despite that it is a few years in the making. 

tisdag 16 oktober 2018

My cultist got some heavy stuff done last month too. Warglaive and 3 sentinels will join chaos in their conquest of the galaxy. Can't wait for the plastic sisters in 2019 to oppose them. Need to make some more terrain though. Bigger and more detailed. Have collected a few bits here and there. See what I can come up with :)

Also worked on some ww2 stuff in september. The early war germans aren't done yet but the trucks are finished. Turned out so-so as the windows was ruined by the matt coat finish. I should have known but hey, better luck next time I guess. Was to lazy to add decals so I hand painted them  quickly instead. Will add passengers later on.