fredag 5 januari 2018

My Imperial guard collection grows considerable soon with the addition of Catachans and 10 Rough riders. Great minis but takes a while to finish. The Catachans need a wash of varnish and grass the theyr'e set.

Lastest terrain pieces I've done and a shot of everythingI've done so far. Quite satisfied with it all so far. All for 40k. Also got started on some large clusters of craters too. Needs sand and colour then they're done.

söndag 17 december 2017

I have the last two years collected alot of 40k stuff from the 90s. Such good memories from when I was a kid. I collected most Imperial guard and eldar stuff. Also laid my hands on two starter sets, both 40k and fantasy. So far I finished valhallans and a squad of both guardians and imperial storm troopers. Old and goofy but really fun to work on. Also laid my hand on a huge cardboard fire base for 40k. Only assembled it once but it looked lovely. Wish I had the time to get more old 40k stuff done but there is so much stuff to do and stuff coming out all the time. 

What have I've been up to? A lot frankly. Kitchen renovations, kids and all that stuff but I have had time to do some hobbywork. I still work on my grenadier set. Lack quite alot of hobby material right now so some project are on hold and I've started new ones so there is quite alot going on. I made a bunker this weekend. Actually three but only one is complete. It's inspired from the game Stalingrad where there is bunkers like this one. Nice game too btw. I got a soft spot for wood and earth fortifications. Also working on some spare soviets. Never planned on assembling and paint them but it is a nice set so I gave them some colours and will recieve another 48 around christmas time. Both longing and dreading for their arrival. They are really fun to paint but a hell to assemble. 

lördag 30 september 2017

My ww2 projects. Everythimg here is finished as I write. Long time since I took the shot. Everything turned out rather nice.

Been a while since I wrote something but life came between but now I'm hopefully back. I've been doing alot 40k lately. Both terrain and figures. Customized alot of Chaos cultist which I have begun painting. I have also begun alot of other old school Imperials and plan to add more as I go.


söndag 5 februari 2017

Something completely different on my blog. Painted up 40 chaos cultists. Really enjoyable to paint and go wild on as you really can't do on historic minis and I could make some different bases. Had the chance to add the odd skull too. Great fun so I got another 40!