söndag 6 december 2015

What have I've been up too? Well, me and my girlfriends has spent almost every evening on working on our house the last 7 weeks. We have enlarged it giving us 2 new rooms. More time consuming than I dared to imagine. Anyway got some work done on the weekends.

måndag 2 november 2015

Sorry for lack of posts but having 2 small kids and a construction site at home really cuts on hobby time. Anyway, bought some German grenadiers and a set of soviets from Warlord will be the continued work on my Berlin project. I have also continued the work on my old dust buildings and the toy cars I've bought. Will try finish these projects before Perry release their new French HYW sets. Cheers!!

fredag 4 september 2015

Got a new camera so now I can post more pictures. These are some figures I've also been working on lately. Fjs and medics for my desert war force. The Fjs are taking forever to paint due to the camouflage jacket. Tempted to paint some in a different colours as I saw one had done it over at Perrys facebook page. Looked quite nice and would fit my rag tag desert force.

torsdag 3 september 2015

Salute Agincourt archer underway. Twisted his feet to fit a french knight under his boot to give him a defiant posture. Lastly I picture I forgot to post. Some banner bearers and converted Men at arms

onsdag 12 augusti 2015

Some recent projects. English high command and Agincourt and Gamling from Lotr. Also still working on my Perry Fj's. The progess is slow right now as I'm trying to finish of my collection of Haldirs metal elves too.

onsdag 15 juli 2015

My first North african fallschirmsjäger. Really nice poses in these sets.

tisdag 30 juni 2015

As I mentioned I started on my 88 a while ago as it was good time and I decided to "paint my shit" as a guy put it on Facebook. I checked my account at Perrys and realised I bought the 88 in july last year so it's been sitting on my shelf for almost a year. Time due go fast. But I'm finishing it and I'm a good way on finishing my Pak 38 too. Just undercoated it today. Also begun repainting all my italians too as I found the sand colour cartoonish and not fitting my more realistic germans. I haven't regret a second on repainting them as they came out great.


Finally finished the entire two sets from Perrys. Took me a good while as I worked on and off on them as I got fed up with armour and archers. These turned out great and in the aftermath I think it was a fun project. Though I regret not buying three sets so I would get a Henry on foot. Ah well, might buy three new in the future.

måndag 15 juni 2015

Working on my last English army figures. After finishing these I have painted both sets I bought in December. Though I regret not buying three which had given me a Henry V figure on foot. These last ones contain some conversions. I switched hands and arms to give me some heavier infantrymen and some banner carriers. I think they turned out quite good. I'm also painting some of my last DAK. 88 with crew. Got a a PaK 38 with crew still to go.After this I've finished almost all my DAK purchases. Feels like I'm actually finishing stuff right now. Cheers!

fredag 29 maj 2015

Bought some cute trees too and Jean d'arcs banner. I will attach it when I get the time..next years or so :P

Some new Berlin terrain I'm working on.