söndag 3 juni 2018

My new 40k table. Been workin gon it on and off for a few months but this weekend I bought spray paint and undercoated it brown then just a hell of a drybrushing race on every little detail. It was mostly done by saturday and some minor work on sunday afternoon. I had to set up a battle between the Valhallans and chaos cultistst. The valhallans sure look like they got their handsfull.

My new big refinery. Loosely based on the grain elevator at Stalingrad. The main building was given a coat of green spray and rust primer then drysbrushed with Vallejo orange brown. Easy, quick and looks perfectly worn for 40k. On the pictures there is only two of the silos. Will add roman letters on it too.

Finished my Warlord games Waffen SS set today. Took a while but I haven't worked on from time to time. I used Warlords different guides for the camouflage. Great minis and a great set. Highly recommended.

lördag 19 maj 2018

My SS are slowly being finished. Bases and boots left then I got four left to do. They are turning out great so far. 

I bought some new cultist and did my best to customize them with weapons from the Necromunda Goliath set. Some weapon had a great fit while other needed clipping and filing.

Some terrain I've been working on. Mostly made by plastic junk and cardboard. 

måndag 30 april 2018

Made some old style craters for my 40k project. Few details could have been better but they are decent now I guess. Some catachans for scale comparison.

Continued on my Valhallans yesterday. Not much left now beside some details and basing.

lördag 28 april 2018

My new cultists are coming along nicely. Such cool minis. Need to get more and a few other heads so I can make them more like generic 40k humans. Now I got a mess of genestealer and bretonnian heads. Got 20 chaos cultist incoming and 10 Goliaths too add to my cultist army

Painted up some fields a few days back. Always wanted some and any table looks great with some fields upo them. One field will have a knocked out Sherman on it along with burned wheat. The tank isn't finished as I need to strip and paint it. The fields turned out alright. Not very flexible though as they are fixed on 3mm mdf bases. Tried to empty my terrain supplies while making these as I got so much odd stuff. 

söndag 1 april 2018

Got Started on two new dudes too this weekend. Old Imperial guard Basilisk crew. Great minis that really look like german panzer crews. I have painted the faces and the clothes. Too bad my nuln oil is glossy or else they'd look better. See if I get the tank crew too. They look cool.

Terrain building this weekend. Made trees with wire and plaster. Not entirely happy with the outcome but they'll do for a first try. Took some old GW bases too and made a few jungleplants too. They were very basic. Just a GW base with drilled 2mm holes were I pushed the plants through and glued with PVA. Added some tall grass and painted the base with GWs ready mix for bases.