tisdag 7 oktober 2014

A small update. Been working on my HYW mini's and they're being base painted at the moment. Not much left now. Got 20 of them basecoated though and I'll finish them next. Hope to have them all painted until december when Perry hopefully releases their plastic english men at arms. Also painted up my special edition Rohan captain I got when I bought muster of rohan. Lovely mini. Turned out great :) Cheers!!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful highlighting on the greens and browns - great work on the shield as well. A complete Rohan army in this quality would make every LOTR fan envious.

    1. Thank you. I almost got an army in this standard. Got 24 rohan warriors along with 6 Perry conversions and a finecast Rohan Command. Only miss the Riders :)